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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lou who?

It has been a long time since I've written something in the blog........I have been busy to say the least and I hope to get back to all the other entries I have started.

But first things first, while it is still fresh in my memory! We just came back from our oldest's graduation from Cal Poly SLO, for those of you not from California, that is in San Luis Obispo which is the central coast of Cal. It has been a fast 4 years but she did it and is off to new adventures but not without one last good bye.

We arrived on the Friday before the ceremony in what has to be one of finer days in June, usually known for June Gloom this time of year, it was sunny warm with a little on shore breeze. What's not to like, we just came in from Seattle where it was drizzling and overcast, I know it's summer in the NW.

So getting our bearings and figuring out where and how to eat were of course one of my jobs, but we were here for graduation and that would have to take priority. I was not holding out for too much of a food experience on this trip. We started out with a marginal Chinese meal because it was quick and easy. But for Graduation we hosted a gorgeous Santa Maria Tri Tip and Chicken diner with all the fixings from Ribline. Run by a young couple that put up some great food up and super service, if you are ever in need of something along those lines by a means have Krystal and her husband feed you well.

The following night we finished off the remaining Tri Tip, but I added some variety to the meal with some fresh rock crabs from the Hartford pier out in Avila Beach. It is the last pier in San Luis Harbor and is still used as a commercial pier. If you ever get a chance buy your meal at BJ's Live Seafood on the pier about half way to the end. Locally owned by the same family going on it's third generation, great seafood and super nice people. They will even shuck the oysters for you on the spot. We also were lucky to get some of the last of the Copper River Salmon for the season. Don't ask me how and why it was down here but it was a great find and be were able to put it on the BBQ for some wonderfully smokey grilled salmon and cut up veggies on the que.

The next few day's we helped my parents around their house and found ourselves figuring we really need to find some Mexican food and what better place than Guadalupe. Better known for the Far Western Tavern, it also has some of the best home style Mexican food at most of the many restaurants in this one street town. By the way the Far Western Tavern is moving out of town to Old Orcutt at the end of this year, if you get anywhere near Santa Maria it would be worth the effort for one of their STEAKS at the original location. Needless to say Guadalupe is an experience in itself, it has a multi-cultural history with Portugese and Chinese immigrants flavoring it long history. I can personally recommend the light snack we had a Charley's, my tacos al pastor and carnitas were very good, seasoned perfectly with just the perfect char, the salsa just hot enough and the pinto beans cooked in lard. It calls itself a Traditional American Place????? It has the usual offerings like burgers and such, but for me the Mexican was homey, fresh and well prepared by madre.

More to come, I bet you are wondering who or what is Lou. The hint it's not Reed, Rawls or Ferrigno. But Melrose and Vine.