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Friday, June 4, 2010

Seattle Foodies Eat Well at Cantinetta's

Darryl many thanks for organizing a great meal and a wonderfully fun group at Cantinetta's this afternoon. I know that you weren't expecting 30 of Seattle's food obsessed Foodies, but we came anyway and we were thrilled with the many plates of fine food offered by the passionate staff. Course after course came to the tables delighting and impressing us with how good fresh products can be brought to it's full potential by a caring kitchen.  Looking forward to next month, any foodies out there can look it up at SeattleFoodies.  I can't start to do as wonderful job as Darryl does in describing this great Tuscan lunch, with some fantastic pictures. Check it out!

Just to cap off a great time I headed over to the Phinney Ridge Farmers Market and enjoyed the offerings.

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