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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On the road again, well almost

Front Stairs
Great river rock foundation

As I had mentioned in the last post, I was off to pick up Hal, my co-pilot in crime. We had both really enjoyed the meal that Judy had fixed for us, as sparse as Lobsters, clams and all the trimmings seem simple. It is how you put it together with all the right things and treating beautiful local ingredients right. And the only thing not local was the white wine. Even the vodka is distilled in Freeport by Maine Distilleries we started with their Cold River Classic Vodka which is a potato vodka. Maine was a large producers of potatoes until Idaho came along and they provided plenty of potatoes for the 13 colonies. I wanted to visit the distillery but they were closed on Monday, I won't make that mistake again. I would have really liked to try their gin. One note, the potatoes made the vodka sweet but finished very smooth and clean with no sweetness in the mouth.

So back to the road trip or at least the start of it, picking up Hal in South Freeport, we took a tour of his house as I had never been to it before and we checked out all the features and improvements he's made.
There really is a South Freeport
 From there we needed to stop off at the Post Office to mail his letters and then we cruised the back roads to Yarmouth to his bank for some money. Along the way we had to reminisce about the changes and memories it brought back, as you can imagine we thought nothing of the time we only had 3,000 miles or so to go. Although we were expected for dinner at my brother-in-law and his wife's house for dinner in Pittsford, New York, only about 500 miles away and 8.5 hours if we didn't stop or goof off.

But off we went, right on down I-95 taking all the short cuts Hal could throw out. Being originally from Connecticut helped even though we missed one of the cut offs to I-90. But westward we continued seeing some beautiful scenery in western Massachusetts, around Sturbridge the hills were spectacular. Fall colors were still on the trees and we passed some very large manufacturing facilities that had grounds surrounding them that were like topiary gardens. Around Stockbridge the hills were fading to the flats that would bring us into New York state and on to Albany.
That's the Turnpike on the other side of the sign!
Well Albany was further away then it looked on the map, hunger set in and off the highway at Miller road Castleton, NY. Turning right on the old Columbia Turnpike, go about a mile and we are in another city called East Greenbush, NY. We find this dinner called, ready for this, East Greenbush Dinner. Did we luck out, we struck the mother lode. Yelp even had it rated with 4 stars.  It was a large two sided dinner, great menu, funny waitress and very good food. The waitress was on speed and gave us the pitch, making sure we didn't overlook anything. I had the Pork Hot sandwich with Ice Tea and Hal ordered a big breakfast with a large milk, all day you know. Instead of trying to do the food justice I found this review that really sums this place up. Highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. The East Greenbush review.

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