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Friday, February 4, 2011

First Friday on Thursday

Some times change doesn't work out but this Thursday's "First Friday Lunch Club" at Spring Hill was not only the largest turn out but one of the of a long string of hits for Darryl. He was able to talk Mark Fuller into hosting a large group of old and new friends for a lunch showcasing his wonderful spin on NW tropical Luau food. So rather then go through my explanation of the meal here is Darryl's link to the invitation. Seattle Foodies Pictures and comments are mine and hope you enjoy. We had wonderful company to share some great food and Mark's wife Marjorie and staff hosted our meal like welcoming us into their home. Truly an Aloha meal.

The lull before the storm, the start of the pupu plates.

The finished pupu's, crispy kalua duck, bulgogi beef, ahi poke and kim chee.

Mark was constantly on the move, quickly as you notice.

Even when he was moving slower his hands were a blur.

One of the few times you saw him still.

Roasted chicken, stir fried emmer with hedgehogs, baby sweet potato, yolk, watercress.

Roasted pineapple sorbet, li hing mui, haupia.

What I didn't show was some of the best chocolates you could imagine that are made in house.
Thank you again Darryl for a wonderful meal and a great time.

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