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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great tastes at Taste

Taking another opportunity to enjoy Seattle Restaurant Week, we headed off to Taste which is in SAM. We never really think about the restaurant that is in the Seattle Art Museum until it is too late.  Fortunately I got an email news letter from Taste announcing their specials for 3 for $25. Not only was the letter full of new and interesting wine events coming up, but the menu for restaurant week was available in the letter.

Needless to say it enticed us to go and we found it fun and as well as informative. The menu made it hard to make choices, but what's not to like about having so many great options. 

Starting out with  Quillisascut chevre flan with  sautéed rhubarb, chives, arugula and the Stokesberry cured duck breast with a salad of frisee, fresh herbs, white balsamic vinegar. Not a big fan of flans, I had a taste of my wife's and I loved the texture and savoriness the cheese imparted on the dish, I would order this in a minute except I really enjoyed my duck. Cooked perfectly with a hint of a sauce and a great counter balance of the fresh greens with the tartness of the dressing would make it hard to not go with is next time. The third option was equally interesting but will have to wait for next time.

Entrees were the risotto & morels with morel brodo, pine nuts, red dandelion and I had the  braised Carlton farms pork with baby turnips, yukon puree, fennel fronds. The risotto was different than what I turn out, it was dryer and fuller which played perfectly with the brodo. A wonderful dish and I was lucky to get just a taste. My pork was braised, full flavored and a great texture contrasted with the smooth and creamy potatoes. The turnips were cooked just right with flavor that seemed to permeate thoroughly through the whole body of the turnips. I was surprised with the fennel fronds, I think they were deep fried and either candied or maybe the frying caramelized it enough to sweeten it.

Desert was easy we both chose the rhubarb almond parfait with orange crunch, almond tapioca, rhubarb conserve. My wife had the tapioca brought on the side and I had mine as suggested. The flavors and textures were a great finish to a wonderful meal of beautifully cared for food. In talking with the manager, he informed us that the company that runs Taste tries to source as much as they can from a 200 mile radius to all their many operations.

As for wine, the manager suggested a very nice bottle of Cavatappi Maddalena from Yakima Valley.

 If you go to their site you can find a list of their Sustainable Partners and a great introduction to the team. Hope you get out and give them a opportunity to show case some wonderful food.

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