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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The season is winding down

I have been enjoying this year's farmers markets, I can tell from the lack of sun and warmth that this season's bounty should be lacking in areas, but I have found that as the season is winding down that some of the best produce has come to the market. I for one will miss the FM's that shutter for the winter and will of course cherish the ones that continue through the weather. Support them as you can, I know it isn't as much fun getting up in the cold winter days to do what a city forager does. Just think of the growers, the market workers and all the supporting staff that brave the elements so we can have our fun in the kitchen and health in the winter.

Looking around and what you see is a kaleidoscope of colors and I don't mean fall colors. The last two weekends I made the effort to go to the University District Farmers Market. Big, full of wonderful things, but all I wanted was a couple of items. We got cranberry beans, multicolored carrots, peppers, some of the youngest baby bok choy I have ever seen at market and of course tomatoes. If you have the time it is worth the effort to get some tomatoes, I took advantage of one growers bulk sell off of second heirlooms and used them for tomato sauce, roasted some and kept the good looking ones for raw applications. Granted they were not the prettiest, but tasty all the same. 

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