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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Texas Hill Country

I just got back from attending my nephew's wedding and I have to say it was Big Skies and BBQ. We had so good a time that I forgot to take any pictures of food, pretty crazy but true. We went on a whirlwind tour that took us to Austin so we could drive to the Hill Country, those of you that have not been need to put this on your bucket list and figure it all out.

After landing, we headed south on I 35 to Kyle, which is a getting off place for the trip into Wimberley where all of us would be staying at different places around the Hill Country. We stayed on the Blanco River and had a great house with the river right in the back yard. It was nice to have something cool to dip in as the weather bounced up and down around 95 degrees and the humidity must have been in the 80's.

That evening we headed into Wimberley for food and found out Thursday night rolls up at 8,  so we were directed to a road house a ways out of town and I was disappointed that they were not a BBQ joint and had nothing that resembled it. So I settled for a steak, how could you go wrong in Texas with beef? I had two sides of Collards and Green Beans. The steak was good and the sides better, over cooked served in their Pot likker. Only problem was it was the smallest sides I have ever seen.

 The next morning I needed to find something that resembled some Texas food, so we went into town and sat down for an early lunch at the Wimberley Cafe
I had the Chicken Fried Steak with fries, corn on the cob, Pepper gravy with a tall glass of ice tea.  I have to admit I don't get the Chicken Fried Steak thing, as many times as I have tried it, and I love fried food, I just don't know? But the Gravy was to die for and if you ate enough of it you will die young.  Peppery hot and savory, not sweet or salty but artery clogging good. Great dipping sauce for your fries. As for the corn, I think it must have been in the pot since the day before.

Later in the day we went up river about 6 miles and inner tubed it down, a little shallow in areas but a great time just floating along and seeing the sights. Turkey buzzards and blue herons going back and forth. The river was just stunningly beautiful and the water refreshing.

 Tex-Mex in Texas, for those of you that love Mexican Food, there has got to be a place in your heart for this.
That evening we had the rehearsal dinner at a place call Milagro's Hill Country Tex Mex it was big portions of Tex-Mex and some good flavors with plenty to drink, margaritas, Shiner Bock beer. You don't don't often see this beer outside of Texas but we just saw a sign outside Laredos Grill on lower QA, we are told that they have Shiner on Tap.

The best was yet to happen, the next day we sent some more people down the river and just hung out on the water building dams and rock sculptures. Later it was time for the evening wedding at the Red Corral Ranch about 20 minutes away on the other side of Wimberley from us. As it turned out it had the feel and look of a completely different part of the Hill Country, dryer with more rolling hills.

We had a beautiful wedding outside the James Pavillion and then had a hay ride to the Red Party Barn for what turned out to be the best meal of the trip. Real, fork tender BBQ. With all the fixings.

For such a short trip, it was Texas at it's best, doing what it does. Truth be told, I was hoping to check out the Austin food scene but everything is Bigger in Texas and not the easiest place to get around. Next time Austin City Lights.

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