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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A sign from above?

I have been going up to Lake Forest Park on Sundays and people told me about the Thriftway on Ballinger Way in Shoreline, said that when the local peaches came in that they were good and that the prices were good. Since it is on the way I thought I would check it out. I have gone a few times for last minute dinner and fruit, enjoying the change of routine with the stores that I frequent in Seattle.

Some of the things were interesting, but nothing too exciting until I found that they had cuts of beef that I couldn't find anywhere else except at specialty butchers. Then I found myself needing some fish for dinner and to my surprise the Fish Department was well stocked and expertly staffed.

You might wonder where this is going, as it turns out I have been too lazy to do my own research and to my surprise there are a bunch of Thriftways in the Seattle area. I was told that there was one on Queen Anne Hill at one time? So rather than trying to find the cut that I wanted or the quality that I desired by running around to my usual haunts, I now have a closer choice to fill in the gaps. Magnolia!

                                                                  Let there be Light!

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