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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lead off dinner for youngest

Sending a child off to school is never easy, I remember asking my mother to cook certain specials before the summer was done. Of course you have the last big meal, all the things you might have forgotten to ask for, or repeats of the best of, maybe things that you know you can't cook yourself at school. Well this is the lead up to the last meal......for my youngest.

We had to cover the right products and have the combination work. We knew what was going to be the kick off meal, Tri-tip, risotto and green beans. So this is the catch meal that covered all the things that might not be enjoyed for the next couple of months or years.

Chicken Wings, baked crisp with a salt rub that we mixed ourselves, 400 degrees to crisp them up.


Beet and yellow tomato salad with goat cheese, and caramelize carrots. The starch was mashed potatoes and for the vegetarian, a roasted tomato, garlic and herb dish.

This was your basic, lets eat and be happy!

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