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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Banana is just that

Since moving into the Seattle area, I have missed the variety of produce that is available in Southern California. I know that all the issues surrounding sustainable concerns should effect our buying, but sometimes you have to expand the limits in order to put some variety into your  meal plans. Yes I know creativity can go a long way, but sometimes you just want certain things to go with your meals. I find that out of season produce from south of equator too extreme, but to stay within the a reasonable transportation radius opens up a larger choice for your meal plans. This is how I found Top Banana, Eric the owner is a knowledgeable purveyor, sourcing locally when he feels that it works, but looking to provide quality fresh produce to his clients. Looking at the his produce is motivating, I find myself still shopping with a concern for the environment but making some choice that give my family more rounded creative meals. Not that Eric doesn't have organic and locally sourced produce, it is there available when he feels it fits his market.

Eric and his staff care about their products and service is vital to his business. I shows in the presentation and knowledge of the produce. As you can see from the pictures their are things that just can't grow in the NW and some of those items can be used by the cook to enhance any meal. 

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