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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer BBQ in Seattle

Rain in the forecast, cloudy and cool. I am flying back from a hot and dry Los Altos summer, thank goodness I was only there over night, I might have had to ask to stay. Thinking about coming back to Seattle's weather sounded dreadful, on top of that I am going to a BBQ that I was really looking forward to and I couldn't imagine eating BBQ "indoors".

My wife picks me up at Seatac and we head North under a mid-day hazy sky, seems to be the norm here this summer. As we get closer to our friend's house, lo and behold there is sunshine. We find ourselves in a warm lull before the rain we get later in the evening and through the next day, so enjoy it while you can.

We knock on the door and we walk into paradise, a beautiful back yard set up for the BBQ of the summer. We could have not dreamed, bought or stole a better afternoon. The sun was up and the the shade of the beautiful landscape was welcomed as the temperature was perfect and the sun was out. We walk in and what do we have but White Sangria, I haven't had a great White Sangria since NYC. I won't tell you how long that was, but one I am too lazy to make them, two I was always afraid I couldn't do it justice. These were great, sorry no Pic's. Less tropical, more seasonal, Muy bueno. Thank you to our hostesses for a fantastic call, couldn't have matched the weather and drink better.

As we were introduced to the rest of the benefactors of this BBQ, I noticed that the Big Green Egg was not smoking. This was one of the focus' for the BBQ? As it turns out our host spent the last 5 hours doing the ribs and he was ready to finish the meal off. In great anticipation I looked around to see if there were loose ends that needed to be picked up, there by making my invitation to the party valid, but to no avail everything was relaxed and taken care of. The theme of the BBQ was not just great food, but the summer and for me the Big Green Egg. We had talked about it during one of our lunch/food functions and the fact that our host was the proud owner of an Egg brought the conversation around to "how good", "how does it work" and when can we taste the results? And it true Hospitality, we got an invitation!!!!!! But isn't any excuse a reason to BBQ/smoke/grill and eat?

Well our host went all out, he smoked, grilled and put the spread out that was picture perfect. As you can see there wasn't the last minute rush from the grill, I would have taken pictures but only the last details and the assessment were necessary before we all jumped in. (Just to let you know he did grill off the links on the Weber to make sure they were hot and ready).

Here is the Grill Master making sure everything is perfect.
This is our host placing his homemade Carolina style BBQ sauce in place, vinegary with the spiciness that added to the smokiness of the pork. He just was in KC doing a BBQ recon earlier this year and by his own admission tried as much BBQ that was humanly possible.

Here is Bruce giving us the details on his side dish of eggs and multi-pepper dish, very good, balanced spicy and savory. It was enjoyed by everyone there even though it seemed like a dish that you wouldn't bring to a BBQ but it was perfect. The softness in texture made the meat seem like it had crunch even though is was so soft and tender.

Next was the spread, looking at all the beautifully laid out dishes, corn bread muffins, salads, green and potato, relishes and of course more meat than you can imagine.

Two kinds of Links, spicy and not. Some grilled pork tenderloin? waiting for some condiments or sauce. Egg and pepper casserole, with Corn Muffins.

Green Salad, mustn't forget our greens with a French Vinaigrette. The potato salad that had the right "bite" to the potato, dressing was creamy but not heavy.  And a spinach salad to give depth to all the wonderful meat.
Needless to say there were great condiments to pair with the meats and balance the other dishes, pickled red and yellow pickles being one my favorites. Pretty and tasty with a crisp crunch of season freshness.

Notice the KC BBQ sauce, it had a bite that made the ribs something special and worked great on the hot links. 

Looks like the Ribs took a beating and seconds aren't even up. 

Desert was a hostess special she did a  Momofuku's Crack Pie, she put a Northwest spin on it and I tell you just sealed the deal! It would have been trouble if we started with it. Might have passed on the BBQ, well maybe not.

Outdoors, great weather and even better company. What's left, oh! Great BBQ! And Food, love it! Isn't summer Wonderful? Let's hope it isn't over.

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