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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sometimes it's not just about the food

Having just started my first summer up here in Seattle, it has been less about the food and more about the experience for me. I find that there is so much going on that it would take a small army to keep up with all the food and fun things going on. So here is just a little of the fun things that I have been doing and of course with what food I ran across thrown in. I had the great fortune of going up and seeing some friends that have a cabin up by Cle Elem Lake, this was the creek that went by their cabin and rustic as it was, it was paradise. The real find was the small towns and communities that give these areas the charm that keep us in the NW.

On the way out we had a good meal at the Roslyn Cafe, a newly updated little place that was clean and not what you might expect in such a tourist driven area. We were fortunate that we came late and most of the car and bike people that came out for a car show had moved on for the day.

Earlier in the day we needed some treats and were directed to Cle Elem Bakery, they had a good selection of cookies and were very honest about the age of the other products in the case. All in all it was worth the stop and it is nice to see local businesses making a go of it. The main drag was to say the least wide and long, too much space and too little business. Let's hope they all survive?

Next on the fun things for summer, we went to Kooza the Cirque Du Soleil show at Marymoor Park, I have to say it was a chore trying to find food before the show in the surrounding neighborhood. If there are any suggestions out there let me know, it would be greatly appreciated for future forays into that area. By the way the show was fantastic, great performers and wonderful story.

Then there was the ZOO and Jimmy, I have never seen a concert at the zoo and never seen so many AB's and LP's at a concert, especially a Reggae concert. Well let's just say it wasn't what I was expecting in a  REGGAE concert, but Jimmy had his groove on and it was a great show and venue. We took a picnic and I think I would consider the food next time, some of the things we saw looked pretty good and it would be nice to graze and check out everyone else.

Then there are friends, we have had some great meals at friends house's and to be honest I felt self conscious taking pictures of peoples grills and food. Just suffice to say I have been enjoying the food and company. Nothing like fresh food prepared with love.  And the views have been wonderful.

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